Providing Neighbors in Need with Hot Meals
and Full Hearts!

109 Terry Avenue Larimore, ND
701.775.8661 ext. 101
Hours of Operation
3rd Wednesday of the Month 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm
Documents Needed
Clients should bring a copy of their photo ID

The Larimore Food Pantry provides emergency groceries for those in need. We strive to connect hungry families and individuals with wholesome food to tide them over during times of crisis. The Food Pantry serves families and individuals living in Larimore and surrounding rural communities. Together, we are fighting to end hunger in our community.


The intention of the Larimore Food pantry is to serve all who are facing hardships or in an emergency situation that is limiting their access to food. The Larimore Food Pantry allows self-declaration of need and does not require income verification. The geographic area served will be Larimore, ND and surrounding rural communities. There is no restriction on where the family is residing in order to access the benefits of the Food Pantry. Anyone who presents at the Larimore Food Pantry and states they are in need will be served.

Give Today!


3 Ways to Fuel Opportunities to Thrive  

All Giving Hearts Day donations will help neighbors get to work or school by providing car repairs, transportation vouchers, car seats & more!
1. On Giving Hearts Day
  • Visit: and search for #FuelOpportunities
  • Drop off a check at United Way or Dakota Medical Foundation
2. Give Early
  • Schedule a donation at and search for #FuelOpportunities
    Make sure the “Schedule this Gift” box is checked in your cart review
  • Mail a check to United Way:

    1407 24th Ave S. Suite 400
    Grand Forks, ND 58201

    Date your check for
    February 11, 2021 to be counted towards our $15,000 match!
  • Early gifts will be processed on Giving Hearts Day!
3. Year-Round Giving
  • Schedule a monthly recurring gift to United Way at
  • is up and running year-round so you can make a donation at any time!