Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Living united since 1957

The United Way of Grand Forks, East Grand Forks & Area was founded in 1957, as a collaboration of neighbors to develop ways to improve their community. This remains the core value of United Way. We are a community of "Neighbors Helping Neighbors".

Today, United Way focuses on providing our neighbors with opportunities to thrive within the Greater Grand Forks Area. Our goal is to improve lives, jobs, and futures through our Live, Work, & Learn programs.  United Way is leading tough conversations, finding solutions to big problems, and focusing on strengthening the Greater Grand Forks Area. Together we will convene, collaborate and adjust our focus to meet the most urgent needs of our community.  

Our Purpose: Providing our neighbors with opportunities to thrive


Through our programs and partnerships we are helping neighbors meet their basic needs such as safe housing, adequate food, and healthcare. Together we are providing an opportunity for people to move from uncertainty to stability which includes a steady job, a place to call their own and a better tomorrow.


At United Way, we work with individuals to create a pathway to financial stability. Our programs equip people with the tools and services needed to thrive in the workplace. With your help, neighbors in our community can reach financial independence securing a successful future for themselves and their families.


Youth thrive when they receive exceptional levels of attention and support. We work with families and community partners to encourage and foster growth and development in children. Together we are creating opportunities for kids to succeed and have a brighter future.


Dave Sena

Chief Executive Officer

Heather Novak

Chief Operations Officer

Carly Tate

Vice President of Marketing & Development

Courtney Engel

Community Outreach Coordinator

Nancy ANdrews

Donor Liaison

Morgan Ashton

Social Services Coordinator

Board of Directors officers

tony telken

Board  Chair

Chrissy Brabandt

Board Vice Chair

Jodi Sorum


Cheryl Ramberg


Brandon Baumbach

Campaign Chair

Phyllis Johnson

Past Board Chair

Board of Directors

Tricia Berg

Grand Forks County Social Services

Terry Brenner

Grand Forks Public Schools

Katie Dachtler

University of North Dakota

Ruann Deschene

Community Contractors Inc.

Chris Griffin

Red River Land Company

Brian Huschle

Northland Community & Technical College

Chris Johnson

Choice Bank

Marty McDonald


Laura Roth

Rydell Cars

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Happy Harrys Bottle Shops

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Bremer Bank