A lack of safe, reliable transportation is a major barrier faced by many neighbors in the Great Grand Forks Community. Wheels for Work is fueling opportunities to thrive for families. We are helping neighbors get to work or school by providing safe and reliable transportation through these key areas:

Car Voucher

Transportation Vouchers

The Transportation Voucher program increases access to transportation for families. Vouchers are provided to neighbors who cannot afford to operate/own a personal vehicle. We offer personalized solutions such as bus passes or taxi vouchers to meet the family’s needs.
Car Repair

Car Repairs

An unexpected car repair can be a financial catastrophe. The Car Repair program provides financial assistance to families who have car repairs that are preventing the vehicle from being operated in a safe manner. Repairs can include routine maintenance such as oil changes, windshield wipers and more.

How to Apply:
Please note car repairs and transportation vouchers are to be used for getting the applicant to and from their place of employment or their children school.  

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